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  1. Launch Code offers programming study group

    Mon 13 January 2014

    If you live in St. Louis and are interested in getting into Web development or computer programming but not sure where to start, check out Launch Code. This innvotive program, started by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey, helps aspiring developers get the experience they need to start working professionally.

    Starting tonight ...

  2. Tech tools and skills for the New Year

    Wed 01 January 2014

    Planning my tech stack

    The new year is an admittadly artificial reflection point, weighed-down with a million quickly-abandoned self-rennovation pacts. Making resolutions is like getting remarried — the triump of hope over experience.

    What follows aren't so much resolutions but rather a record of languages and tools I'm using ...

  3. Thinking on two wheels

    Fri 20 December 2013

    How I carve out 80 minutes of thinking every day on my bike commute

    Like any card-carrying member of the much-maligned Millennials, I spend just about every waking minute glued to (at least) one screen or another.

    Every second spent waiting for a meeting to begin or stuck in line ...

  4. Five ways to improve your email's click-through rate

    Mon 25 November 2013

    Make a great impression, even before your email's images are downloaded

    Check out my first contribution to the Manifest blog for advice on how to improve your email marketing.